Album: Mr Barrister - Duka Dauka

Mr Barrister is Awesome Artist, Indeed His Talent Deserve Our Love and Support. ArewaMusic is Ready To Show World How Arewa Got Talent, And We Believe in Artist Like Dan Musa

Duka Dauka is an EP That is enough to prove You Good Music is Still Alive, and This Artist is among artists We Are Praying To See Taking Grammys For Arewa. Please Don’t Hesitate To Follow Him On All Social Media, and share his Music to The Best You Could. Thanks For Your Support.

1. Duka Dauka

2. Fitina Ft Lil Akii M

3. Jan Wuya

4. Masha Allah Ft T-Flow

5. Mugu Ne

6. Muna Tare Ft Mj Deeny

7. Namiji

8. Sarakuna Ft Amadine

9. Yan Mata

10. Yawon Sallah

Bonus Tracks

11. Babu Gudu Ft Flash Boy

12. Qanqara Ft Mubreeck X Flash Boy


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